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THALAC Preventive Cream 200ml

THALAC Preventive Cream 200ml

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Rejuvenation Face Cream
Revitalising, nourishing and fortifying cream. Thanks to Rigin peptide which acts in a similar way to D.H.E.A in restoring and maintaining youthful-looking skin, this cream reinforces the skin’s natural defences.

Your skin is visibly younger looking and your features are smoothed.

Skin types :
All skin types

Instructions for use :
Apply morning and/or night all over the face and neck.

Contents :
200 ml

Active ingredients : 

  • Moist 24: long-lasting moisturisation*
  • Algisium C: moisturising*, anti-ageing
  • Blue-green algae extract: remineralising, energising, revitalising, nourishing and protective
  • Vitamin E: anti-free radical, helps maintain skin elasticity and moisturisation*
  • Rigin Peptides: anti-ageing, revitalising, firming

Results : 
Promotes skin cell regeneration. Smooth, moisturised, revitalised, nourished, toned skin.

Ingredients Plus
The combination of Rigin, blue-green algae and algisium boosts skin cell renewal.


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