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HubisLab Chamomile Complex 70%

HubisLab Chamomile Complex 70%

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Complex serum containing 70% Chamomile used to soothe sensitive skin. The complex serum is formulated with Chamomile extract which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions to soothe the skin if exposed to external factors. It is composed of an all-natural formulation without any additives, preservatives, colors, or fragrances to reduce the chance of the skin becoming sensitized to any of them. The complex serum reaches deep within the skin to ensure it calms and purifies any sensitivity or irritation it's exposed to.
Suitable for all types of skin, especially sensitive and irritated types.
Protects the skin from external factors.
It has Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory that soothe irritation and redness.
Leaves the skin soothed and hydrated thanks to its light serum texture.

How To Use

Apply Hubislab Post Rays Chamomile Complex on the entire face evenly as required.

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