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Cell Fusion C

Cell Fusion C Expert Dermagenis pH Biome Serum 50ml

Cell Fusion C Expert Dermagenis pH Biome Serum 50ml

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Intensive Repair Serum for Strengthened Skin

Soothe and Restore with pH Balancing

Discover the power of our Intensive Repair Serum, expertly formulated to rejuvenate damaged skin and balance pH levels. This serum is your ally in enhancing your skin's inherent resilience, making it a must-have for those seeking gentle yet effective post-treatment care.

Clinically Tested for Sensitive Skin

  • Skin Irritation Test: Passed
  • Sensitive Skin Compatibility Test: Passed

Ideal For:

  • Post-Treatment Care: Minimizes irritation after skin treatments.
  • Intensive Moisturization: Offers deep hydration while caring for the skin's inner layers.

Soft Shield Serum: Non-Sticky, Moist Finish

Experience a delicate, moisture-rich barrier that leaves your skin feeling supple without any stickiness.

Key Benefits:

1. Intensive Recovery for Damaged Skin

  • Specially designed for sensitive and damaged skin, this serum provides intensive recovery post-treatment, fortifying your skin's natural defenses.

2. Barrier Care with Powerful Ingredients

  • A unique blend of 8 peptides and biome ingredients works synergistically to repair and support the skin barrier, particularly beneficial after skin treatments.

3. Moisture-Rich Protection Without the Stickiness

  • Ensures your skin remains hydrated and comfortable, forming a protective film that combats dryness post-treatment.

Clinically Proven Efficacy

  • Enhances Skin Barrier: Effectively repairs skin damage caused by external factors.
  • Moisture Retention: Creates a protective moisture barrier to reduce moisture loss.

Key Ingredients:

  • pHarrier™: A proprietary ingredient that fosters a slightly acidic environment, ideal for skin health.
  • NEO-CMS™: Our patented, innovative ingredient systematically revitalizes the skin barrier.
  • NECTARBIOME: Aids in fortifying the skin barrier and enhances skin radiance.

Nurture your skin with our Intensive Repair Serum, designed to provide the utmost care and rejuvenation for sensitive and treated skin.

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