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Cell Fusion C

Cell Fusion C:Cell Fusion C PH Biome Toner

Cell Fusion C:Cell Fusion C PH Biome Toner

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Cell Fusion C Expert pH Biome Toner is a two-layer toner that provides deep moisture to relieve dryness both inside and outside the skin

Product Features:

  • A two-layer toner that restores the natural pH balance irritated by a dermatological procedure, facilitating a quick recovery and increasing skin’s flexibility
  • Gives double-effect moisturization with its two layers, the pHarrier layer that provides hydration and the biome layer that creates a moisture barrier, to hydrate both the inner and outer layers of skin
  • Contains beta-glucan, which provides 20% more hydration than hyaluronic acid, and provides moisture to the deeper layers of skin for supple and full skin
  • Completed skin suitability test on sensitive skin and primary irritation test
  • Has watery formula that instantly provides deep moisture and gets absorbed without leaving the skin feeling sticky

Made in Korea

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