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Cell Fusion C

Cell Fusion C:Cell Fusion C PH Bio Gel Cleanser

Cell Fusion C:Cell Fusion C PH Bio Gel Cleanser

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Cell Fusion C Expert Dermagenis pH Biome Gel Cleanser 210ml.


It is a weakly acidic cleanser that is compatible with artificially broken skin pH and skin barrier health enhancement due to skin care.
Contains panthenol and allantoin, which are skin vitamins, to soothe the skin while cleansing the face.
Fine bubbles rich in botanical surfactants cleanly remove wastes and moisturize the skin.


[Weakly acidic cleanser for skin health]
[Soothing care effect for sensitive skin]
[Smooth, low-irritation moisturizing face wash]
[Gel to microbubble texture]
[Completion of skin irritation test]


pHarrier: Activates the skin's pH control function to create a healthy weakly acidic environment.

NEO-CMS: Systematically restores the skin barrier with a structure similar to skin.

NECTARBIOME: A botanical biome ingredient that helps strengthen the skin barrier and improve skin luster.

Panthenol (Vitamin B5): Helps soothe, strengthen barriers, and hydrate sensitive skin.

Allantoin: It is an effective ingredient that supplies abundant moisture to the skin and soothes sensitive skin.


When washing your face, take an appropriate amount, lather it up, and then gently massage it onto your face.

Rinse clean with lukewarm water.

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